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Cloud Backup Solutions and Colocation


Secure Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Backup Solutions

We have several solutions to backup your data to our secure data center.  We can provide VM and email specific backups direct to our cloud or we can host your appliances and servers.  
Most small / medium businesses don't have two data centers.  Backing up to tape or storing backups at the same address as the source, are all too common.  We can house your equipment in our Co-Lo facility or we can help with managed offsite backups for all of your business critical data.


Northsite Data is a Backup as a Service (BaaS) provider. Established with offsite backups and colocation as our primary objectives. We provide automatic backups through Veeam as well as through hosting of customer remote-site backup storage arrays and equipment.    

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Colocation Services (Co-Lo)

Northsite provides Colocation services for as little as a single rack unit (U) of space.  We provide redundant power connections to every rack and offer an ethernet internet hand-off through our redundant tier-1 fiber internet connections. Whether you are in need of an entire rack or just a couple of U of space, we have a solution for your needs.

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Veeam Cloud Connect

Northsite Data provides offsite backups services for Desktops, Servers, and Virtual Machines through Veeam Cloud Connect. Veeam is the most trusted name in enterprise backup solutions, and we provide our clients an option to store their backups off-site in the cloud at Northsite Data, helping to satisfy the 3-2-1 backup rule.

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Backup Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Consulting

At Northsite Data, our team has over 30 years of experience helping organizations, from small to large, architect and implement their BCDR strategies. Hundreds of businesses from Healthcare to Financial, Education to Government have trusted our engineering consultation to eliminate single points of failure in their IT strategy. 

The 3, 2, 1 Backup Rule

There are several different variations of the 3, 2, 1 backup rule.  Generally, they all come down to having 3 copies of your important data, keeping at least 2 copies in separate locations (sometimes defined as on separate media), and at least 1 copy is stored offsite.  Northsite Data can help to fulfill at least part of this backup strategy.   


For Veeam Cloud backups, we can be both the 2nd location as well as the 1 offsite location for your data. We recommend that you keep another snapshot copy of your backups on a local disk or store multiple backup copies with us.   


For Cloud Email backups, we can be both the 2nd location as well as the 1 offsite location for your data. We recommend that you keep several copies of your backups with us.   


For Nimble Storage replicated volumes, we can be both the 2nd location as well as the 1 offsite location for your data. Prior to replicating a snapshot of a data volume to Northsite, you must snapshot that volume locally on your Nimble appliance. We recommend that you keep several snapshots locally for added redundancy as well as quick, local, access to that data. Nimble snapshots do not take up much space as only changed data is stored. Nimble arrays can also sustain failure of a controller, power supply, and multiple disks without effecting the data integrity. It is common to see several hourly or daily snapshots on a local array in addition to any snapshots that are replicated offsite.   


For Colocation services, we can provide a space for your own equipment and provide redundant power, and internet for that equipment.  It is not uncommon for Northsite to be the primary or the secondary location for our customer’s equipment.  In either scenario, we recommend that you plan for data backups that follow the 3, 2, 1 rule.   


Reach out to us, we are happy to help answer questions about how best to apply backup policies to your data and business operations.     


Northsite excels as a provider of Veeam Cloud Connect Backup services, specializing in secure offsite backups for both physical and virtual servers. Our expertise extends to facilitating Nimble to Nimble Volume backups, directly transferring data from your Nimble Storage array to our state-of-the-art data center.

Additionally, Northsite is equipped to host a variety of backup storage appliances, serving as a reliable off-site target for your preferred backup solutions. We also offer comprehensive backup services for cloud-based email and documents, including tailored solutions for both Office 365 and G-Suite. Proudly adhering to HIPAA compliance standards, Northsite ensures the utmost security and confidentiality in handling your data.

Our Data Center is located North of Colorado Springs and is connected to a separate power grid than Colorado Springs Utilities which makes us a perfect option for your site redundancy needs if you are here locally in Colorado Springs.

Discover more about how Northsite can enhance your data security and backup strategies by contacting us for detailed information and pricing.

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