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Cloud Backup Solutions and Colocation

Are you still backing up to tape?

Do you have backups that are at the same location as the source servers?

We have several solutions to backup your data to our secure data center.  We can provide VM specific backups direct to our storage cloud or we can host snapshot backups directly from your Nimble array.  For larger data-sets, allow us to host your storage array.

Most small / medium businesses don't have two data centers.  Backing up to tape or storing backups at the same address as the source, are all too common.  We can help with managed offsite backups for all of your business critical data.

What We Do

Northsite is a Veeam Cloud Connect Backup services provider. 

Read more about Veeam Cloud Connect HERE


We offer offsite backups for your physical and virtual servers.  Please contact us for pricing.

Northsite can provide Nimble to Nimble Volume backups from your Nimble Storage array directly to our datacenter.  

Northsite can also host other backup storage appliance as an off-site target for backup solutions of your choice.

Northsite can backup your cloud e-mail and documents.  Both Office 365 and G-Suite backup services are available.


Northsite is a HIPAA compliant practice. 

Please contact us to find out more. 


System Status

We utilize Uptime Robot to monitor external services.  Click the button below to view the current system status.

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